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Medical Tourism in India has witnessed strong growth in past few years. India is emerging as a preferred destination for international patients due to availability of best in class treatment at fraction of a cost compared to treatment cost in US or Europe. Mayflower Women’s Hospital has focussed its efforts towards being a world-class hospital that exceeds the expectations of its international patients on all counts, be it quality of healthcare or other support services such as travel and stay. Mayflower Women’s Hospital renders superlative services in the lines of International Patient Care, and has therefore carved a niche in the Medical Tourism sector.

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Welcome to May Flower

"Patients must be able to trust doctors with their lives & well being. To justify that trust, we as a profession have a duty to maintain a good standard of practice and care and to show respect for human life."
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Endoscopic (Laparoscopic) & Gynecological surgeries
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Let's Hear What Some Women Have to Say….

“I choose Mayflower because it is amongst the best in the state. Right from my first consultation till my delivery, I felt right at home, with an experienced medical professional by my side every step of the way.”