Endoscopy Laparoscopy Surgery

Endoscopy (Laparoscopy) Surgeries

It is a national tertiary referral center for Gynaec Endoscopy Surgeries and is well-known for the depth of expertise of its endoscopic surgeons – Dr Sanjay Patel & Dr Yogendra Jhala Gynaec Endoscopic Surgeries include Laparoscopic Hysterectomies, large uterine fibroid, ovarian cyst, endometriosis, ectopic pregnancies & fertility enhancing surgeries

Advantages of Endoscopic Surgery

Small & cosmetically almost invisible scar

Quick recovery & minimal hospital stay

Less post-operative pain & minimal bleeding

Superior results in the long run

With total 3 operation theatres on the 4th floor including 1 dedicated Endoscopy Operation theatre, it is undoubtedly the most well-equipped unit in India.

  • Karl Storz Set-up (Image -1, 3 chip camera, Xenon light source, Autocon diathermy unit)
  • Harmonic Scalpel ( Johnson & Johnson, USA) ensures precise cutting with minimal bleeding
  • Ligasure (Valleylab,USA),ensures precise sealing of blood vessels
  • Rotocut Morcellator : a very useful tool for removal of even the largest fibroids through key-hole instruments
  • Bettochi hysteroscope set: helps to perform advanced hysteroscopy surgeries without the need to dilate the cervix
  • Erbe Vio (Germany) System for complete solution for electrosurgery