Important Info

Being admitted and your hospital stay

You will be asked to get admitted in the hospital either on the day of the surgery or one-day prior. You must strictly follow the instructions about your diet and bring all you medical reports along. At admission you and your relative will be asked to sign some documents.

In your room you will be asked to change into the hospital dress. The nurse will prepare you for surgery and if required you may also be asked to take some tablets with a sip of water. The doctor will ask you to read & sign the consent form. You may take the help of the doctor / nurse to do this. Do remember to write all medical disorder and allergies. Please remove all your jewellery, nail-polish  before you go into the operative theatre.

Once you are ready for surgery you will be taken to the pre- Anaesthetic room and after you have spoken to the Anaesthetist you will be given medications. In case you have any removable dentures and or lenses please remove them and hand them over to your relatives. Please do not hesitate in asking any questions, the team at the Mayflower looks forward to answering your queries.

After the surgery you will be in the Recovery room with an oxygen mask and monitoring for some time and will be shifted to your room in due course.

The Anaesthesia department in Mayflower believes in keeping the patients maximum pain free & you may be given PCA (patient controlled analgesia) for the same.
In your room you may still have the I.V.Fluids (Drip) continuing. This will be monitored by the nursing staff.

You may even have a Urinary catheter which may be kept till the next morning.

The Hospital has a full fledged kitchen which supplies soup, tea, coffee, snacks & meals.
There is a coffee vending machine on the 3rd floor and is available  24 hours.
We look forward to taking care of you in Mayflower and will ensure that you have a comfortable stay.

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