Mrs Ranjana Agrawal32 yrs old, from Ahmedabad, Who underwent the birth of her 2nd baby
I choose Mayflower because it is amongst the best in the state. Right from my first consultation till my delivery, I felt right at home, with an experienced medical professional by my side every step of the way
Mrs Priti Shah40 yrs old, from Mumbai, Who came for her endoscopic surgery at Mayflower
Mayflower Hospital is advanced in medical facilities and infrastructure. I have confidence in its healthcare standards & full trust in its doctors. The process of my entire treatment starting from the 1st appointment, through to my surgery & final recovery was amazingly swift, easy and effortless
Mrs. Nayna Parikh34 yrs old, from Ahmedabad, Who underwent infertility treatment
The doctor showed me the test results, explained its implications and addressed my concerns patiently. This helped to ease much of my anxiety. Mayflower provides quality and compassionate medical care to its patients
Mrs Sarita Patel56 yrs old, a non-resident Indian living in USA, Who had endoscopic surgery
I trust Mayflower’s doctors and their cutting-edge skills. Initially I had a lot of anxiety & concerns regarding the overall cost of treatment. However, on the day of my discharge from the hospital, I was fully convinced that the treatment I received was a good value for the money I had spent & I was charged fairly for the entire treatment
Dr Norma van der Horst37 yrs old, who had birth of her baby at Mayflower
As a dutch / South African expatriate couple living in Gujarat, We found this institution first class, and better than an NHS hospital in Europe, Excellent Service, highly recommended